Come Together


Our Ancestors danced a beautiful dance with Creation in the Knowledge that we are a Sacred part of that same Creation. We lived, danced and marveled with and within the rhythm of Nature. Felt the vibration, the energy of all living things, our hearts beat with the Heartbeat of Our Mother and we knew ALL was Sacred and Connected. All things had a purpose so we gave thanks for all and our part in it. All life was looked upon and held Sacred with Reverence, all life was treated with Love and Respect. It was understood and known intimately.

As individuals, as a People and Nations of Many Races many of us have forgotten the simplest truth – that we are all one in Creation as Humans, related to all. We have been caught in a tragic and continuing loop of injustice, genocide, oppression, slavery,  and dogma. The established system is set up to keep us divided, to teach us to compartmentalize everything from our thinking to our daily interaction with the world around us by religion, by race, by ethnicity, by country, by sexuality,  by class, by greed, by societal norms etc. It highlights differences and forces people to take on an Us against Them, You against Me and at times.  Me against My self mentality; physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Will we allow it to continue; constantly bombarded and segregated to the point we no longer think for ourselves, we no longer see that we are caught in a wave that perpetuates the very things we detest and keeps us separate from living within Simple Truths’, in the cohesive flow of Nature? Will we continue to go around in circles but not in Unity with Creation, the Great Circle, the Sacred Hoop and our own inherent Nature as part of that same creation? Will we continue to live our lives ON this earth, rather than OF this earth?

It is time to reconcile the past and step back into balance with Nature.  Humanity as a collective seems to be the only part of creation that is not living in Harmony. We are Many Peoples, many different cultures but need to come together as One, in the spirit of acceptance, tolerance and treat each other with Respect. Honor our ancestors for their sacrifices and the Creator by coming together, for Humanities sake, Our Children’s sake, reclaiming our right to be and live naturally, in Harmony as we walk upon Our Mother.

Maybe it is time to start asking ourselves the hard questions. To decide and to choose. Perhaps a place to start in this inquiry is … to understand and know our own Values, our Principles and what it means to walk in Integrity with Humility…. than ask ourselves: How can we come together and share in our commonality as children of the same Creator, from the same source? What can each of us do to accept our differences that keep us apart as demonstrated by our actions and finally work together for Peace?

It’s up to us to change our own perspectives and change our own hearts. In Humility, with true understanding, in love, compassion and respect we can change our world, and it must start with the “my self” first.

Take responsibility for now. Take responsibility for YOU now. Stop fighting over yesterday or we fight ourselves right out of existence. We need to come together or the answer to whether we remain will be answered for us.


Image used under image agreement license /(c)dmitry rukhlenko 

So this is what happens when I get to thinking …Yeah, yeah, I know … Dangerous thing for me. Anyway, it was something that just seemed to flow right out when I sat down to write, although with the re-reading as I posted, I am sure some may find this post a tad direct, pointed, edgy… but hey, it’s just the ramblings of one Little Rabbit *wink*

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