Dancing the Delta – an operatic contemplation

The transmission of The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd is a living wisdom that has taken me on a profound journey. Speaking to the depths of my being it’s inner language continues to transform my belief about myself and bring me to higher levels of awareness.

The Delta is incredible! A game, an experiment that challenges human beings to take a great evolutionary step – into the full flowering of collective consciousness. A virtual retreat where 7 players gather in groups and dance through the Delta over seven weeks of contemplation.

Deep gratitude for the dance and my fellow travelers who took flight with me… the gift of their presence and the Gene Keys in my life has forever changed me …

And so it begins….

A work in progress, such am I, so this is not fully digested or complete – it is but one beginning – one little story of ‘I’ imbibing, playing in and slowly raising to the embodiment of Frequencies (if only for a moment) in love, to heal and send that light out into the world.

The following is but a part of my thoughts as I work with and continue to play in new awareness with the Gene Keys and through the Delta with the energetics, the harmony and the frequencies triggered by the musical notes of the Keys. The notes in this dance – the 12, 22, 6, 59, 27, 50, 57 and the 20 as it relates to the ‘I’, ‘Me’ and the greater dance – the collective.

The Symphony and how all these Notes, Octaves (pitch), Chords, and Rhythms inter-relate with each other within the music behind the dance of life. The reality we are creating and the part we are playing in the Opera of our lives until we come to the Finale or that defining moment when the whole musical piece completely transcends and transports us to another time, another space.

An Opera – Dancing with the Delta

Notes – The Tone

D – Purification of Mundane – Purity (12)

E – Healing Relationships – Grace (22)

F – Emotional Peace – Peace (6)

G – Transparency in Heart – Transparency (59)

A – Selflessness in Speech – Selflessness (27)

B – Harmony in Thinking – Harmony (50)

C – Attuned to Spirit – Clarity (57)

Superficiality – Self-Assurance – Presence (20)

The Undertones – Programming Partners

Obscurity – Idealism – Light (11)

Oppression – Transmutation – Transfiguration (47)

Turbulence – Humanity – Compassion (36)

Victimization – Freedom – Freedom (55)

Purposelessness – Totality – Immortality (28)

Chaos – Innovation – Innocence (3)Agitation – Initiative – Awakening(51)

Force – Strength – Majesty (34)

The Octaves

same base note, different frequency and undertones – emphasize notes, shapes the Chord whether Shadow, Gift, or Siddhi

D – Vanity – Discrimination – Purity (12)

E – Dishonour – Graciousness – Grace (22)

F – Conflict – Diplomacy – Peace (6)

G – Dishonesty – Intimacy – Transparency (59)

A – Selfishness – Altruism – Selflessness (27)

B – Corruption – Equilibrium – Harmony (50)

C- Unease – Intuition – Clarity (57)


Set of notes played together, chords together create the musical harmonyCombining notes and octaves | Shadow, Gift, Siddhi

The Finale

The Power Chord – The Collective Breath – The Presence (20)

The Score

“I”‘s story begins in the Ring of Trials… not yet known to “I” at the onset, there is a great Secret hidden within.

‘I’ begins to disentangle from the intertwined, close-knit threads of Vanity (12) and begins to awaken from the dream that Obscurity (11) kept the ‘I’ trapped in. Trapped in that place that “I”s mind does not want “I” to listen too – the voice behind the mind – the voice found in the depths of “I”s being that senses something is not as it appears. ‘”I” pauses, no longer able to hide. “I”, says self to self – Choose. Listen, and Trust. Trust in that which is calling to be set free, that which is emanating from that place of knowing. So “I” listens to that sure, soft voice within and embarks on a journey … an inner journey of purification and remembering.

Through the opening eyes of Discrimination (11) ‘I’ begins to re-adjust and re-orient. With each inner reflection dawns a fresh perspective. With each contemplation, the veil of the grand Illusion begins to lift. Layer by layer that which was once hidden comes into view, and for the first time being seen and known intimately for what it is.

Through the lens of Idealism (11) ‘I’ is taken to the magical inner realms where ‘I’ begins to walk a new path. With each step the “I” is learning the inner navigation and landscapes that were there all along. As new paths comes into view, ultimately and at times painfully – they begin to reveal beauty after beauty – ‘I’s heart opens and flowers. Each path, each new experience, from bud to bloom fills “I”s being, bringing forth the fragrant rays of Purity (12). From the darkness, the true Light (11) begins to shine through. The energy, the light, the love … expanding from within – out and back again – in and out touching the whole like a gentle breeze. The “I” gets glimpses… oh, such subtle glimpses… genetic memories of home.

While uncoiling the many aspects of this grand illusion of separateness from One, ‘I’ finds “I”-self thrown head-first into the waters of Redemption. As the Light drives back the darkness and the Shadows are illuminated, it is there that it starts to reveal it’s secrets. The “I” can see where one thing touches another as the light shines on the world of Gaia and the “I” – The All-knowing imparting wisdom shares that all of “I’s” seeking will also shed that same light throughout, That all “I”s healing touches “I” and all, the whole of Humanity, the all of Creation.

While there, ‘I’ is shown how ‘I’ allowed beliefs to influence and at times dictate knowingly and unknowingly how ‘I’ treated itself and others. How these underlying beliefs created the back-drop, the currents and tides in all of “I”‘s relationships and experiences. All the many ways that ‘I’ had allowed “I” to be, to feel and impose false judgments and create an atmosphere of Oppression (47) on self and all. “I” had to accept and admit to the “I”-self the many ways ‘I’ acted unconsciously and at times even intentionally through hearts intent, word and deed. ‘I’ began to see the deeper context and meaning, the inter-connectivity of all things and just how far Dishonor (22) weaved within, and how in not being completely honest with “I”-self, the “I”-self dishonored all of life.

As ‘I’ surrendered; not resisting but allowing, “I” became more aware … clearer. On these waves of clarity, “I” came to see that all was as it should be if ‘I’ was to truly learn the art of alchemy. Each lesson, each experience, each relationship – all thought – is a base for Transmutation (47). Through these new lens “I” began to shed the overwhelming sense of Purposelessness (28) and embraced the unknowing, faced the fear, the change with resourcefulness and Innovation (3), applying it to the many aspects of “I”‘s life and relationships.

In “I”‘s willingness to expand and express the “I”-self in Totality (28), “I” and all the newly found seeds sprouting from creative Initiative (51) created a catalyst, turning the heavy, dense lead of “I”‘s life and illusion into gold. With each and every test, the so-called failures and success, the Gift of Graciousness (22) was bestowed. I felt this deeply as if being held in a sweet embrace. Through this Graciousness ‘I’ was shown, ‘I’ then understood, if ‘I’ can be given so Graciously from others, from above and from within then ‘I’ will BE Graciousness – unconditionally, unrestrained presence of forgiveness and light.

As ‘I’ continues the process of Transfiguration (47), turning illusions of separateness into the realization of who ‘I’ really is, Grace (22) is a constant blessing, a life long walk-beside teaching ‘I’ patient presence and how to laugh at self, not take ‘the i-self’ so seriously. This lesson in itself is one to hold as the more that ‘I’ looks within the more the ‘I’ can see the underlying currents of Turbulence (36) in every aspect of “I”‘s life and in most things that kept ‘I’ blind and resigned to the Conflict (6) created within ‘I’s relationship to self and all.

‘I’ began to see just how deep in a state of Agitation (51) “I”s being was. Once “I” learned to look at things with a broader view and release those things that were no longer serving “I”, “I” realized how ‘I’ could BEcome Diplomacy (6) in action, now that’s a key. ‘I’ needed to learn what it meant to be of benefit to Humanity (36) so ‘I’ looked within and at the things of life and came to understand that to be a fulfilled human ‘I’ would have to embody Peace (6) and that with each step the ‘I’ would take, it should also be filled with Compassion (36), knowing that each and every ‘I’ was capable of being and doing the very same thing based on their life experience, resources and circumstance – the lens through which they looked.

The ‘I’ would not judge but would live by example, learning complete Transparency (59) without attachment or agenda. ‘I’ learned to recognize when the ‘I’ was in a state of Dishonesty(59) with the “I”-self and that it ran deep in ‘I’s thoughts so ‘I’ drank in the waters of Intimacy (59) learning how to be honest and accepting of “I”-self, sincere and loving, listening to the inner wisdom, that of “I”s Intuition (57) from the higher self rather than remain under the i-self imposed rules of Victimization (55). The more ‘I’ shed its conditioning the more ‘I’ was reborn.

The Freedom (55) of consciousness began to ripple through the ‘I’ and a release of pure love essence, with it a new to “I” authenticity, an expression of Altruism (27) – this is a defining moment when “I” didn’t realize what was happening. Caught completely unaware, “I” lost sight of where “I” ended and other began. This new sense of no-self began to breathe forth taking ‘I’ to people, places and interactions never dreamed of before. ‘I’s life was pulsating and no longer felt driven by a daily bombardment of Chaos (3), or Unease (57) from the false assumptions that left “I” feeling like all was lost or fixated on the effects of “I”‘s inner Corruption (50) that “I”s choices had manifested.

Instead, “I”s being radiated a state of Selflessness (27). Each moment precious, each breath sacred …rising moment by moment to new heights, new realms – higher and higher. The more peace “I” felt the more the ‘I’ experienced deeper waves of Unity until it dawned on ‘I’ that ‘I’ is slowly remembering “I”s Immortality (28). Self-Assured (20) in complete trust in the truth of Creation, “I” bathes in the Force (34) of its true nature, in awe of the innate Strength (34) as when birthed from the belly of Harmony (50).

Each realization, each Shadow transformed, each shedding of the worn robes of experience and Illusion allow ‘I’ to reclaim it’s Innocence (3) and birthright with Clarity (57) through the ongoing process of Awakening (51). The ‘I’ now recalls Love’s presence and realizations known – some digested, some fleeting yet “I” is remembering – transfigured, transformed – ‘I’ begins to swirl and flow, to radiate the wonder of the All becoming once again the embodiment of The Presence(20) and in and of this presence the Majesty (34) of coherence, in beauty and alignment – in Unity, of Harmony with all of Creation.

‘I’ is Love is home …

for this moment at least …

the spiral dance begins again…

And again…

until that moment when dancer and dance are one.

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