Great Mother Whispers

Feel the rhythm all around us

Sense the calm before the Storm

The warmth of Sun engulfs me

Nature Sounds Her horn

Feel the Rhythm all around us

Birds dance through the Sky

The Sun awakens Spirit

Rising …Lets out a Hawks Cry

As I soar to greet the Morning

My heart calls out to me…

Just close your eyes and listen

To the Words Great Mother Whispers…

In the Wind

Open your Heart and be Thankful

For the Gifts Creation has given

…so freely

Like Rivers flowing with each breath

The Clouds do tell a Story

Of the Rhythms all around us

If only we would listen

To the Drumbeat stored Within

Just Close your Eyes and Listen

To the Words Great Mother Whispers

…In the Wind

As Day prepares to Sleep

The Night Skies are awakened

Day turns into Night

My Soul at Peace

… yet longing

Alone I am Pulled in

To a Voice within the darkness

“Remember,” says the voice as old as time

“Or have you simply forgotten

… who you are?

Come, let your Spirit guide you

As we dance around the Fire

Can you feel the rhythm move you?

Feel that beat from deep within?

It’s the calling of your Nature

The calling of all Nature…

Truth is,

we use to be as One

Many Peoples, Just one Nation

Hear the Wisdom

Heed the Warnings

For the answers all are Written…

If we would Just Sit Still

and Listen

To the Words Great Mother Whispers

…In the Wind.


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