A Walk & A Thought

Just some random thoughts that crossed my mind this beautiful although hot & humid morning as I took a long walk through the woods…

We are ALL part of the web of life and in being it is our responsibility to protect and nurture all our relations as we walk upon the earth, including ourselves. In Peace, in Love and in the Harmony which all was designed.



Knowledge of this world is Power … and in this knowledge is Truth… Freedom.

Its laws are inherent, natural and just. These natural laws apply to all living things and living in agreement with this truth means there is no need to subjugate another.

Just because others chose to treat me a certain way, really has nothing to do with me. What comes next is my choice … I am the only one with the power to react or not react, to take action or not take action or act as someone contrary to the who I AM, the human I am intending to be, the woman I am learning to be and the me I have already become.  

Yes,  I am a work in progress, and in that process, I am learning that walking gently and in communion with life, there is only gratitude, only harmony, with all things and within. 

~ Be Bathed in Love ~

EPSON001 (2)




Footpath Header Image: doyouyoga.com

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