In Silence – A Poem and Page from my Art Journal

I will not apologize for my Silence

For when I AM still ~

My Spirit, Heart and Mind

are One

It is not that I have nothing to Say

It is that with Silence

There is learning

Truth can be heard


To Me

In Stillness

there is Wisdom

and Knowledge

Wisdom of the Ages

Knowledge of Past, Present and Future

My Silence

does not mean that I do not agree

or that I AM not holding the same importance

to the emotions being expressed

My continued presence

says that I concur

Is it necessary for me to say the same words;

portray the same injustices

in words, albeit different from your own?

Why? So you can hear me speak?

So I can hear myself talk?

My Voice is My Silence

Unless Spirit

tells me otherwise.



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