On Love and Freedom

Pondering and Living, Living and Pondering ….Still, I am leaning to the conclusion that Freedom must be through Love. Not the conceptual, dependent kind of so called love that had been ingrained in my mind of the traditional roles of husband-wife, but the Love that is our core essence. The Love my ancestors and others like Jesus knew and taught – the unconditional love that is given freely, to all, from the heart and total being with no expectations, in compassion with understanding that people do the best they can based on their own life experience and how they process it.

Love isn’t just in word but given and felt in the intention held in the heart, behind the act. To touch any part of Creation is to touch God, to breathe in Spirit.

So love deeply. It may not appear to be sentimental but in sharing my heart even the simplest things can bring joy. If being giving by nature because it is who I AM rather than for what I will receive is enough, (although by the grand design, we always receive something,) than that is a good way to spend my life. This is this moments realization as I am still learning much about myself.
Freedom is when the illusion is broken and can only be attained by unconditional love –  It is in all ways and all things being loving even when facing the unloving or silence and space .

Silence is not threatening. We need to learn to not feel threatened or take things so personally. Not everything is about us. There must be a high level of Respect & Trust, Truth & Integrity, Honesty even Privacy. A genuine, heart-felt willingness of open communication that is spoken and at times, unspoken.

To be loved fully, this is the desire of the human soul for another, heard through the body and heart. In the here and now, freedom is finding out what is true for you and making choices but the only way to make those choices, comes from knowing who we are. In relationships, it takes effort to feel and most of us, when it comes down to it, really don’t have full understanding of what it takes to be free, let alone live fully.

To love is to live ~ without love, life is just enduring and motivated by fear so if we choose to love and be loved in a partnership, we need to allow space to grow, for ourselves and the other – to learn, to experience what is needed to be the best version of the Self, to become what each is meant to Be-come without judgment. Instead, we become filled with fear because of our past experiences and beliefs – the fear of pain, of rejection, etc. so we shut ourselves off. It seems to me that

It takes great courage to live a life void of passion, of love, of sharing and in continuing that thought, it would also take just as much courage to actually live life, participate, embrace it and feel it? 

moonsisters and the blessing tree

Yet, freedom in the context of the physical mind seems to be based in part on the perception of being; being able to do things and not feel obligated or held back by another, maybe it’s going away for 3 days, alone, knowing that you are trusted. Maybe even in that perceived freedom it is not feeling vulnerable, oppressed or accountable to another individual. Love in the context of the physical mind is also based partly on societal and religious training and includes: the in-love, husband-wife accepted norms and accepted behaviors.

In traditional roles we can lose or give up our independence, balance and integrity. It is so easy to get caught up in the man and woman illusions that we become co-dependents in relationships. It becomes who we are, the role we play and we allow it to define and confine us. We no longer feel free to learn, grow and expand as individuals. In my opinion, this we do to ourselves and lay blame on the other person. Basing decisions on what we think the other person will or will not agree to, what we think the other person would accept, allow or expect when we didn’t even bother to ask. In some cases, we conform or hold back.

I do not believe in coincidence. We are always brought together for a purpose that needs to be realized and honored.

Sadly, sometimes Fear and Mind interfere; past clouds the present and prevents the future from manifesting fully, to its greatest end. Like a seed that is planted, nurtured it sprouts and buds; but ignored, un-nurtured or neglected  – it dies.


Although maybe unfulfilled, a gift is given (taught) and received (learned).

After all, we always gain something from every experience, if we have heart to see and the courage to look.

With that, I can’t help but be grateful to all those in my life, those whose paths I crossed for a moment, those who I walk with still and those I have yet to meet … for each and every lesson, for sharing a little piece of your you with me and allowing me the same.
Note to the self : continue the ponder – Unconditional Love, the foundation that makes all things possible, so Creation is Love, Nature is and always has been in Harmony, Cohesive in Unity and inherent in all of Creation, in all things.
We are One… It’s time to Remember… because nature is calling her children home.

(C) 2011 danne saring

Just going through some old writings – posting some that can live here now on LunaHare.

Any thoughts or comments? Let’s talk…


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One Reply to “On Love and Freedom”

  1. “Freedom is when the illusion is broken….” I want to say, there is no truer truth. The one wraps me up and takes me to the recesses where I no longer fear to tread, instead, soaking it up like a dry piece of bread that has been starved for the sauce. Thank you Danne, for revisiting the profound.

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